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We hold our regular service on the seventh day of the week in honor of the ten commandments give by God, the creator of all the universe and of the life within. As Christ came for us 2000 years ago, we are waiting and looking forwar for the second coming of our savior.
私たちの教会では、神様が下さった十戒を尊守し、その愛に応える為に第七日の安息日を礼拝日として護っています。 それは、2000年前にイエス・キリストが私たちの罪を贖うために来られたように、私たちの救いの完成者として再度お出でになる、その時を待ち望んでいるからです。

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ニュース&イベント 2018年

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Our church has various activities for our church members and their familes as well as non-members throughout the year. The activities and events are designed for various age groups so that anyone amd any family could perticipate. Please join us.
私たちの教会では、教会員とその家族、また会員でない方々の為に一年を通して様々な活動やイベントを開催しています。 これらは年齢に係らず、どなたでも、ご家族の方々と共に参加していただける様に企画されています。ぜひ、お誘いあわせの上ご参加下さい。

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Bible Story

バイブル ストーリー

Bible Study


A Bible study is offered based on the students' time schedule and paster's availability. Please feel free to contact us for the study plan.

Player meetings are offered based on following schedules. Please feel free to contact us.
Wed(水)AM10:30-12:00 PM7:00-8:30



Our church is a part of Seventh Day Adventist World Church Organization which has the main body in the U.S.A. Our name is based on the belief that the sabbath worship is essencial to our faith and it is on the sevent day, and Christ will shortly come for the second time to rescue the remnant Church and the dead in Christ.

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